We are inquisitive people, full of questions and always searching for answers. This is a blog devoted to questions and, hopefully, sound answers from Scripture. We invite anyone with a question, anyone with a doubt, anyone with a challange to ask us anything. Feel free to post them as comments in the “about” section. And we promise to do our best to answer these questions, doubts, challenges to the best of our ability.

  1. Hey Clint, really enjoy the blog. Very overwhelmed right now with getting settled in so I have less time to devote to writing than I would like. Therefore, please be patient with my lack of participation. Thanks!

    Know that I pray for the success of this blog – that seed, light and salt will be broadcast to a wide audience to help them see Jesus through the Holy Scriptures.


  2. Johnny B says:

    Okay, I have a question. This is in the vein of a “Bill Tracy bomb.”

    Say you have held marriage counseling, gone through the whole process and 2 days before the wedding, you find out that there is a homosexual couple in the wedding party. It is a lesbian couple and one will be a bridesmaid and one a groomsman. How do you handle the situation?

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