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Credit to Brian for this new question; should be a good discussion:

I want to know if you guys have had any contact with the idea of “church planting movements.”

If not, you can go to this web-link and listen to the 4 videos about it. They are called “CPM Awareness – Parts 1-4″

If you have seen these, what do you think about them? Is it what the Bible teaches about spreading the gospel? Is there anything missing in the model?

Apocryphal Books

Posted: December 22, 2008 by cthoward in Topical Question
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Merry Christmas, everyone. You may be busy and you may not want to address this question right away. But, it will be here waiting for you when you get back…

Why aren’t the apocryphal books included in our Bible? What about the fact that Jude references Enoch? Shouldn’t the book of Enoch, then, be part of the canon? Why do we include some books, but exclude other Christian/Jewish writings of the same time periods?

Questions submitted by Creek.

My thanks to David for suggesting a very good topic for our discussion board concerning blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. The three synoptic gospels record the words of Jesus concerning this: Matt 12.31-32; Mark 3.28-30; Luke 12.10. When you read these passages, it is clear the matter of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a serious thing.

So this brings up some questions: what is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? What is not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Why can it not be forgiven? Is this something people can still do today? Have at it!

So, what do you think of Barak Obama’s “historic” win?
How will his administration affect our country?
More importantly, how will his administration affect God’s Kingdom?

The Christian and Government

Posted: October 20, 2008 by npulpit in Topical Question

Well, the ’08 Election year has reached a fever pitch. Both candidates are having a go of it; propositions on the ballots of some states are hotly contested. Most agree this is the most important election in US history. And with all these voices pulling at the Christian, the question comes to mind:

What are a Christian’s duties in regards to politics? Do Christianity and politics intersect? If so, how? If not, why? How involved (if at all) should a Christian be in the voting process?