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Acts 20:7-11 records Paul’s visit to Troas. In this short section Luke writes of breaking bread twice, in verses 7 and 11. We would like to explore several questions here:

Are these two bread-breakings a reference to the same thing (namely, the Lord’s Supper or a common meal), or two different events (one the Lord’s Supper and the other a common meal)? Whatever your response please explain how you reached your conclusion.

Did the second bread-breaking occur on the first day of the week or the second day of the week? Again, please explain your conclusion.

What lessons, if any, can we learn from this text about the Lord’s Supper and/or the use of “break bread” in Scripture?

(Thanks to Jason S for suggesting this discussion)

Does Paul teach in 1 Cor. 11:3-16 that women must wear a head covering when they are “praying in worship” or not? Please prove by sound exegesis.

Submitted by Brian.

“Where do we get the authority to change the bread and the wine, to matsa bread (crackers) and grape juice?”

Suggested by Johnny B…

My thanks to David for suggesting a very good topic for our discussion board concerning blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. The three synoptic gospels record the words of Jesus concerning this: Matt 12.31-32; Mark 3.28-30; Luke 12.10. When you read these passages, it is clear the matter of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is a serious thing.

So this brings up some questions: what is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? What is not blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Why can it not be forgiven? Is this something people can still do today? Have at it!

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus says to make disciples and then to baptize those disciples…
So my question is: what must a disciple be “made” to know & practice before he is ready to become a baptized believer? (question from Brian King)

“And when you pray…”

Posted: October 13, 2008 by npulpit in Doctrinal Question

Great discussion last week over John’s baptism. Let’s keep the train a-rollin’ this week.

This is going to be short and to the point: Can a Christian pray to Jesus? the Holy Spirit? Or do the prayers a Christian prays have to be “addressed,” as it were, to God the Father only?

(Remember to cite any sources used and establish your conclusions with Scripture.)