Election ’08 Reactions

Posted: November 5, 2008 by cthoward in Topical Question
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So, what do you think of Barak Obama’s “historic” win?
How will his administration affect our country?
More importantly, how will his administration affect God’s Kingdom?

  1. Justin says:

    Well, I guess I’ll start this thread…I was extremely torn throughout the presidential race. I’ll admit that I am part of the “youth vote” that was so attracted to the Obama-mania that swept the country. Of course, I did not vote for Obama because of his stance on moral issues. I believe McCain (and especially Palin) would have taken more Christian principles into office than Obama will. However, I also got to see Obama live and shake his hand. He is very “leaderly” and ran an incredible campaign. I think that he will be a better (secular) leader.

    Of course it’s historic. I look forward to the day when I can tell my kids and grandkids that I shook hands with the first African-American President in American history. I don’t think we can over-state the historic nature of it.

    For his impact on God’s kingdom, it’s obviously hard to tell. God put him on the throne for a purpose. I guess time will tell. I know I am over-joyed that California took a stand against gay-marriage. That was probably most encouraging to me. As I understand it, Obama is against legalizing gay-marriage as well. That can only be good for God’s ministers. Perhaps the “hate-speech” laws will stay away for a bit longer.

    Our culture will become more tolerant (of sin) and secular under Obama. People will continually hate the Church, but what else would you expect?? I guess I’ll finish there…I’m all out of thoughts 🙂

  2. bshelley says:

    I find comfort always in the fact that presidents sit in the Oval Office; Jesus sits on the throne.

    We are to pray for our leadership and for God’s protection and wisdom for them. We do not have to capitulate on moral issues nor allow our voices to be drowned out.

  3. David says:

    As the election has drawn to a close and Barack Obama has been elected President, I thank God for His will in making known to us the person He wishes to lead this country as President.

    Although I do not respect or agree with his approach to many moral issues (not only him but many other politicians as well; Democrat AND Republican) as God’s servant and as MY President, I humbly take my place as a civilian and submit to him and his administration.

    I won’t put my TRUST in him or any other mere person but I will submit because this brings honor to the arrangement of God.

    As we know from the Word of God and as we have seen countless examples of throughout history, there have been good governing officials as well as bad officials and even deplorable ones (Rehoboam…Jeroboam…Ahab…Omri…Hitler…Stalin…Saddam Huissein…etc.).

    But regardless of that, God establishes them (and of course that doesn’t go to say that God is responsible or to blame for their evil conduct, in the case of the bad officials).

    Whether they’re good leaders or whether they’re terrible leaders. For better for a country or for worse for a country. In order to strengthen a country or to wipe it off the face of the earth, He installs those who are in governmental power.

    I do not know what effect President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will have on this country. We can only hope and pray our new government officials are for the better for this country and that it will be strengthened rather than weakened.

    And as we all know, that’s exactly what we are to do (1 Tim. 2:1-3). And let’s keep praying for President Bush and Dick Cheney as they conclude their term, as well as Obama as he prepares to begin very soon.
    As for the historic factor, I am delighted that this country has matured from some of its origins. Although racial prejudice continues on in some shape or form, this country has elected a black President!

    Whenever a gray-haired person is going off on the past couple generations and speaks as if HIS generation was the best, something they forget is in their generation, people whose color of skin was anything other than white were treated like animals and second-class citizens and were refused service in almost every public place. In some places in those days I’ve even been told there were white and black drinking fountains in CHURCHES OF CHRIST!

    I think we have come a very far way.

    But the factor isn’t as meaningful for me. I was just born 24 years ago and I’ve lived and worked and openly associated with people of all nationalities.

    I’ve seen the clips and have heard Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, but not having lived in that time, in many ways, this isn’t as moving to me as it is to many of the older people who were seen crying the other night. If they are crying because they were thinking about the world that they grew up in…how they were treated and then to see the new President, I respect that and think it’s a wonderful, wonderful thing.

    Yet in any case, it’s so wonderful to know that we are the possession of Jesus Christ! And that no matter what man could ever do to us (Matthew 10:28, Psalm 56), GOD is our helper and He will never desert or forsake us. Therefore we can confidently say – “The LORD is my helper, I will not be afraid. What will man do to me? (Heb. 13:5-6).”

  4. cthoward says:

    I found a quote from Jim McGuiggan that I think wonderfully sums up an appropriate attitude regarding the presidency…It is in his commentary on Daniel at the end of his comments on chapter four. Of course, Daniel four is about Nebuchadnezzar being humbled because of his pride, and how God preserved his throne even while he was out of his mind living like an animal. This is what McGuiggan says: “God could raise up over America an imbecile and keep him in the office of President. The Lord could place a spastic child at the head of the nations and retain the kingdom for him. Bold speech? Not at all, for in this very chapter we have been shown that God ruled the world through someone deranged. Don’t say there must be brilliance at the head of the nation. That’s exactly what the Babylonian said, and look what happened!” (Re-read Daniel four to really understand what McGuiggan is saying.)

    I think the comments here so far have been right on target. Who knows what Obama will do to or for this country…but it doesn’t matter because we know God put him in power, and God is in control. We also know that no matter what, Christ is ruling over the entire universe for the benefit of His people (Eph 1:22-23). I will put my trust in Him.

  5. Brian King says:

    Hey, can someone post my next question as a new thread?

    In Matthew 28:19 Jesus says to make disciples and then to baptize those disciples…
    So my question is: what must a disciple be “made” to know & practice before he is ready to become a baptized believer?

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