The Christian and Government

Posted: October 20, 2008 by npulpit in Topical Question

Well, the ’08 Election year has reached a fever pitch. Both candidates are having a go of it; propositions on the ballots of some states are hotly contested. Most agree this is the most important election in US history. And with all these voices pulling at the Christian, the question comes to mind:

What are a Christian’s duties in regards to politics? Do Christianity and politics intersect? If so, how? If not, why? How involved (if at all) should a Christian be in the voting process?

  1. bshelley says:

    Timely. I am in the middle of putting together my sermon for next Sunday morning on support for Props 4 and 8 in California. Prop 4 is requirement for parental notification before a minor can receive an abortion. Prop 8 is an amendment to the state constitution stating that marriage is between one man and one woman. They are both critical church issues where Christians need to stand up and be heard. The failure of Prop 8 likely will lead to a further crisis in church-state lines. Specifically the church can come under attack for hate speech if we stand up for God’s teaching on homosexuality. We have a responsibility as Christians and as citizens to vote our Christian conscience. We need to stand firm now. As for the preidential race, the issue is the Supreme Court nominations. We could suffer not for four years, but rather for a generation if the liberals get but one nomination in the next term. Just to add a harsh and candid thought, I personally cannot understand how anyone who professes Christ as Lord can in good conscience vote Democrat. Their allegiance is to abortion, homosexuals and all forms of anti-Charistian causes.

  2. npulpit says:

    Aptly stated Bryan. And might I add that someone has said, “As goes California, so goes the nation.” That is, if California oks the marriage of homosexuals, it is only a matter of time before the whole country follows suit.

  3. wbower says:


    If we are going to vote on the “sin issues,” we need not forget greed, envy, lust, adultry, bigotry, idolatry, etc…
    I personally cannot see how someone can vote Republican. Maybe, we should all vote Nader. LOL.

  4. Johnny B says:

    Let us not forget orphans and widows. I do not see Christians as being Democrat or Republican. I am struggling with this issue. A few years ago, I was very adamant about being involved with the political process. Even considering a run at a local office (okay, stop laughing.) I was adamant that we needed to be heard as Christians in the political arena.

    This has changed…I see Christ is about the individual heart and mind. The “religious right” has made a mockery of the gospel by turning it into a political action committee and going against what Paul writes in Eph. 6:12.

    The battle is for the salvation of souls for eternity, not so we can have a government friendly for the those of us who believe in and follow Christ.

    I am not saying that my thoughts are the be all end all of the discussion. These are simply my convictions.
    I love you all,

  5. David says:

    Naturally, politics is a very sensitive subject and often proves to be a very volatile topic in most places. My wife works the front desk for her dad at his auto shop and as you can imagine, the customers get into some pretty heated discussions – almost always about either politics or “religion.”

    I want to echo what you said, Johnny.

    Sometimes there can be too much politics in the Church.

    I’ve seen preachers make political commercials in the middle of a sermon in an attempt to sway the congregation to vote the way they vote (in my mind I could almost hear the Presidential candidate say, “I’m ______ and I approve this message” after his commercial was through.

    We’ve seen people anoint the lesser of two evils as being “the Christian choice,” even when that very same candidate laughs about his involvement in the secret organization Skull and Bones and changes the subject when asked about it.

    But the most difficult thing I’ve seen is animosity between brothers and sisters in Christ during the election. I’ve seen Republican cliques over here and Democrat cliques over there and if we aren’t careful, it can potentially cause some division in that sense.

    This is one of the reasons I choose not to formally join myself with either party. Personally, I am strongly opposed to a lot of things the Democratic party stands for and seeks to justify. On the other hand, I don’t agree with everything the Republican party stands for either, or has stood for in the past.

    I see a lot of coldness and deceit and dishonesty in politics…though there are always exceptions.

    It’s tough…it’s just very tough.

    Obviously, Romans 13, among other places, comes to mind as far as Christians and government.

    While I’m called to submit to the governing authorities (unless of course they’re telling us to receive the mark of the beast on our hands and forehands or to worship the Emperor) and to pay my taxes, going back to what Johnny said, I don’t see Christians as democrats or republicans.

    The closest thing I can find is a PUBLICAN in Luke 18, but not exactly a Republican (wait weren’t the Pharisees and Sadducees the early Democrats and Republicans – one believed in the resurrection and the other didn’t). :0)

    In my walk, I always try to stay mindful that my home is not America but that my citizenship is in heaven. That we live in a country that has been shaken and that could very well be shaken again, but the kingdom of our Lord is a kingdom that CANNOT be shaken.

    That presidents and administrations and kings and kingdoms all pass away but our King, even though assassinated, triumphed over death and will reign forevermore, whose kingdom is not of this world.

    And while I have the utmost respect, admiration, and appreciation for all those who have died for the freedoms we enjoy every day, I have so much more love and appreciation for the Man who died for the ETERNAL freedoms we enjoy in Him – freedom from sin, freedom over the sting of death, and freedom from the devils hold on me.

    I’ll submit to the governing authorities. I’ll obey the laws and ordinances. I’ll pay taxes.

    But I don’t ever want to be political.

    I want to campaign and recruit and get ready for a kingdom that is eternal.

  6. Brian King says:

    “The battle is for the salvation of souls for eternity, not so we can have a government friendly for the those of us who believe in and follow Christ.”

    Well said Johnny.

    We could spend lots of time and energy worrying about the state of the Union here in the U.S. the country that we physically reside in… but Christ did not call his followers to be political activists… as John said, we were called to fight a Spiritual battle for eternal souls.

    We cannot change the world through politics EITHER WAY. The world will continue to do what the world does as long as they are a part of the world. And we should never expect sinners to behave as anything other than sinners until their lives have been turned around to follow Christ.

    Personally, I have decided to allow the world to choose it’s own government and stay centered on serving the real Lord no matter who they choose. I won’t vote this year, because like Wade said, neither side follows of Christ anyway… let the dead elect their own dead.

    No matter what issues our government may or may not support or oppose…
    No matter what ungodliness and immorality we see the government of this county support…
    No matter what the WORLD does…

    The standard for a Christians life and conduct remains constant, Christ Jesus.

    And again as Johnny has already said, there is One who DOES have the power to change the world is Christ Jesus… and He changes the world for one person at a time when we share the gospel with them… that is how Christ meant to change the “world” for everyone… we’re called to this task.

    “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for IT is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes…”

  7. Larry Markle says:

    Isn’t it time for a “Christian” party or at least a “Conservative” party? Both the Democrats and the Republicans have left us. Both parties have demonstrated that they can NOT be trusted.

    I am a life long Republican, a policital office holder (County Attorney) and have campaigned for other Republicans. However, my allegiance is to God, not a Party!

    Why do we think that we only have 2 choices?

    All that remains for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

  8. npulpit says:

    Amen to Mr. Markle…I am a Reagan conservative first,and a Republican second.

    I hear what everyone is saying about saving souls and being citizens of the kingdom first. Certainly we should be heaven focused. But we do live in this world and if we refuse to get involved in the politics of it, what will we do? Stand on the sidelines and watch this world burn itself to the ground? We may only be one person, but if every Christian opted out of the politcal process…well, in California alone we would have minors receiving abortions without parental consent and homosexual marriages…and though they be on the ballot, these are still moral issues which I know our Lord would be righteously indignant toward.

  9. bshelley says:

    WBower, I personally liked the Corvair and thus could never vote for Nader. It’s always something isn’t it? LOL back.

  10. Brian King says:

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  11. cthoward says:

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